“The goal of education is to form the citizen.
And the citizen is a person who, if need be, can re-found his civilization.”
– Eugen Rosenstock-Hüssy

“The volume of education has increased and continues to increase,
yet so do pollution, exhaustion of resources, and the dangers of ecological catastrophe.
If still more education is to save us, it would have to be education of a different kind:
an education that takes us into the depth of things.”
– Ernst Friedrich Schumacher

“Education cannot be delivered. Instruction can be.
Education requires that the person freely confront the question,
“What am I going to make of myself?”
At best we can stimulate to ask this. But we cannot deliver it.
If we think we can, we violate the other’s being.”
– Bruce Wilshire
We believe that a redesigned higher education as promoted by the University for the Future Initiative can contribute substantially to regenerating all domains of life. These include education itself. Not only higher education needs to be reinvented, but education systems as a whole, including also preschool and school education, non-formal youth and adult education, as well as continuing professional education. Education shall become a self-governed domain devoted to the common good, protected from political and corporate interests.

In this context, we understand Education for the Future as an education that

  • cultivates our innate capacities to connect, to care and to create;
  • stimulates inner growth in all dimensions of the human being;
  • creates awareness of the history in the presence, the presence in the presence and the future in the presence;
  • goes beyond information and knowledge and contributes to practical wisdom;
  • takes into account and leverages the connections between living, learning and working;
  • is focused on the grand challenges of our era;
  • provides opportunities to co-create desirable futures as an integral part of the educational process;
  • has itself a future in terms of being resilient in the volatile 21st century.

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